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We help CEO’s of FTSE 100 companies, Tech executives, medical consultants and many other busy high flying individuals to become powerful, fast & confident cyclists.


Whether you want to win your first race or increase your threshold power by 39%, this is your time!


We create bespoke training plans that are skilfully adapted to your schedule ensuring you maximise every single minute on the bike and start getting stronger from day one. 


We use market leading software to analyse your performance and provide daily detailed feedback so you can clearly see yourself progressing each training phase. 


Your plan is swiftly adjusted if life throws you something unexpected so you always stay on track to hit important goals.


Your pro coach is on call 7 days a week so you have the support and guidance you need at all times. 


We have helped many cyclists with busy high pressured lives smash the competition by ensuring every session they perform is precise and purposeful.

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Director of Partnerships, YouTube UK. 

“Since starting with Duchy Coaching I have increased my threshold power by nearly 40%. But more importantly, even when I’m juggling numerous work and family commitments, my progress on the bike continues because my plan is adjusted to meet the demands of my life. I enjoy the analytical nature of the daily feedback I receive and my coach is a pleasure to work with. My training plan is now an important part of my life, as it allows me to step away from various stresses in order to focus on my health and my personal cycling goals.”

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