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We work with you every day to build a bespoke training plan and carefully tailor each session to your unique physiology, targets and availability. We use the world’s most powerful training software to analyse & optimise your performance. We immediately adjust your plan if life gets in the way of a session so you stay on track to hit your goals. We have coached cyclists from complete beginners to winning national races. We have fun.


We ensure you cycling performance skyrockets!

"A 56w increase on my FTP and 14th finisher in L'Etape are some notable improvements"

- Emily Reynolds: time crunched cyclist working at Google

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We plan you pedal! If you miss a session due to illness or have to work late, our coaches adapt your training instantly to ensure you stay on target regardless of what life throws at you. 


The repetitiveness of always doing the 
same workouts creates 
 fatigue and negatively impacts performance. We'll help you pass the time with different & interesting sessions. This will ensure  you are having fun and remain motivated. 


With our expert guidance you will always know exactly what session to do and why you are doing it, eliminating any uncertainty and giving you the confidence to train hard.

pro coaches

Our coaches are current or former professional cyclists meaning you will benefit from training methods used by the pros. The team were also carefully chosen because of their caring and welcoming demeanours. We all look forward to welcoming you to the Duchy family!


Chat directly with your coach on WhatsApp, phone or Zoom. Our top packages offer unlimited communication so you always have the support and guidance you need. If you're experiencing pre event jitters or needing some nutrition guidance, we've got your back!

proven results

Whether wanting to win a race or simply get faster and stronger. We will make sure you're ready for your goals. We have helped hundreds of clients smash their power and performance targets, just ask them!

Take your cycling to the next level by working with our coaches who will ensure you're always doing the right training at the right time. Sessions we plan for you are varied and exciting because a happy cyclist is a fast cyclist. We are your coaches and your motivators who can be counted on to fire you up when times are hard!


Find out how people like you get stronger...

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Not sure if you are doing too much high intensity?

Ever feel bored of repetitive training sessions?

Find it hard to motivate yourself to ride at the end of a long day? Struggle to fit training in around your schedule? 

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Our WORLD CLASS coaching Team

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will harper

Performance Director

As a coach my primary concern is forging a comprehensive understanding...


max steadman


With almost 15 years of personal racing experience I am in a position...


Andy turner


I have been riding for the professional team Swift Carbon Pro Cycling for 3 years while...


Ben perry


I’m currently contracted with the British professional team WiV SunGod...

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Monica Dew


Since retiring as a full-time athlete I have developed a passion for expanding...

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