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Bronze Plan.

Monthly bespoke training service

A monthly training plan created by one of our senior coaches and built around your unique physiology and targets. Although there is less contact and no individual session analysis, the plans themselves are devised with the same level of scientific understanding as the Gold and Silver packages and are therefore great value for money.


Monthly messaging and calls

Every month you will have a catch up with your coach in order to discuss how your training has been going and what you can expect from the next phase. This can be through messages or over the phone. 


Daily email with training details



Creation of unique power and heart rate zones using TrainingPeaks software

Specific power and heart rate ranges derived from threshold of athletes and used to specifically target various energy systems. 


Free training history review on signup

Before joining your coach will review your training history. This is not a case of needing to know what your 20 min PB is, it's a general look and how you have managed your training and recovery in the past in order to gauge availability and fatigue levels. 


No startup costs


Let's Work Together

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