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Cleary Structured, Personalised Winter Base Training by expert coaches. 

Stronger, faster & happier this winter. 

With our bespoke coaching you’ll be using every minute on the bike effectively this winter. No more junk miles! Training peaks logo 

Every session we build is 100% tailored to your physiology, targets and availability, so you will start to see what you are truly capable of achieving.


A highly specific winter training plan is essential in order to smash those summer targets & maximise your physiology.


Too much training and you risk burning out before your target event, too little and you won’t perform to the absolute best of your ability. 

Get it right this winter.

Your bespoke winter plan will target:

Aerobic Endurance so you are flying at the end of your long rides.


Muscular Endurance so you can ride harder for longer and climb faster. 


Increased Fat Utilisation so you save valuable energy for when it really counts. 


Increased Cardiovascular Fitness so you can drop some big 5 minute watt bombs!


Increased Neuromuscular Power so you are more explosive. 

Variety to keep you fresh, motivated and having fun!

“The coaching team transformed my riding last winter increasing my aerobic efficiency by 17%. They also kept me motivated with lots of varied & interesting sessions that helped pass the time. Before joining Duchy I was just not progressing, now I'm producing better power than I ever have before. ”

OLIVER GRENAA - Father and Filmmaker 

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beginner?? not ready to commit 

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