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Silver Plan.

Dedicated weekly bespoke coaching service

Work closely with one of our experienced pro coaches who will build your training plan around your unique physiology, target and availability.


Bespoke training plan

Your plan will be uploaded by Friday each week at the latest.

In each individual session you will have a detailed description of what you are doing, why are you are doing it and what ranges we would like you to hit.

Why are you are doing the session is crucial, it's always easier to push yourself hard if you know it is for a logical and productive reason! Your plan is uniquely tailored around your individual physiology, availability and goals. We will never make two plans the same because each and every athlete is different.


Daily messaging or calls

You will be invited to discuss your training with your coach on a daily basis. Your pro coach is just a message away.


Daily training plan alterations

This is a helpful addition that will allow an element of flexibility in your plan. We will get you back on track if you are unable to complete sessions due to commitments elsewhere in life. Plan edits will ensure that important CTL markers are reached, even if you are unable to complete a week as initially planned.


Daily TrainingPeaks data analysis

After each session your coach will analyse data and give feedback using Training Peaks coach edition software. While the software is not as advanced as WK05, it is still a powerful tool with plenty of resources to help athletes develop well. Importantly, all our coaches are highly experienced TrainingPeaks users.


Daily email with training details



Creation of unique power and heart rate zones using TrainingPeaks software

Specific power and heart rate ranges derived from threshold of athletes and used to specifically target various energy systems. 


Annual event target mapping

Your coach will construct an Annual Training Plan that is specifically tailored to your target goals and events, aiming to peak at exactly the right time and ensuring that you are getting sufficient rest throughout the season.


Nutrition advice from coach

Suggestions and strategies for optimising your fuelling on and off the bike.


Free training history review on signup

Before joining your coach will review your training history. This is not a case of needing to know what your 20 MIN PB is, it's a general look at how you have managed your training and recovery in the past in order to gauge availability and fatigue levels.


No startup costs 


Let's Work Together

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