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Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Duhcy Cycle Coaching’s Senior Coach Andy Turner shares his tips & tricks about how to go faster for less. CABLES Aerodynamic drag of brake and gear cables is surprisingly high. Shrink wrapping them together or just using some electrical tape can reduce the impact cables have for very little cost. The savings are comparable to switching from a Specialized Tarmac SL6 to an SL7 for less than a thousandth of the cost. TYRES Low rolling resistance tyres will result in a decent speed increase for little cost. But beware of faster wear rates and fragility. INNER TUBES Latex inner tubes or lightweight butyl tubes will also reduce rolling resistance, but can be more puncture prone. LUBRICANT Instead of a standard lube try either an off-the-shelf waxed chain or drip-lube with wax in it. AERO SOCKS In terms of £ per watt, a pair of aero socks is a no-brainer! Compared to a standard sock they save 10w @ 40kph. Check out Rule 28 who are market leaders in the aero sock world. POSITION A reduced frontal area is a good place to start- try narrower bars and getting used to riding on the hoods with bent forearms. Ensure any changes you make don’t impact your ability to produce power. WEIGHT Loss of excess fat will make you slip through the air faster but ensure any weight loss is careful and sustainable.

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