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The team at Duchy managed to build a training plan that worked for me despite my busy work schedule. Whenever I had to work late or start early, the guys would adapt my plan so I didn’t fall behind on agreed power targets. The daily analysis I received was far superior to that of other coaches I’d had in the past, as was the general level and consistency of communication. I never thought it was possible to complete an ultra endurance event with the limited time I had to train, but Duchy coaching thankfully proved me wrong!  

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Duchy Coaching have transformed my cycling career! Before I started with Andy I was a keen amateur cyclists, now I am National Champion of Ethiopia on the road and in the Time Trial. The team at Duchy have also helped me reach a huge milestone in my career, in signing a contract with the EF Education Development team. Big thanks to Andy and the Duchy team! 

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´I cannot fault Duchy Coaching, they provide an exceptional service. My work and home/family life are extremely busy but with the help of Duchy I am able to fulfil personal goals and keep fit - a key element to happiness, which ultimately means I can also perform in the rest of life with optimal focus. Duchy Coaching manage fatigue so that my training will not mean other areas of life will suffer. thank you DC, you are the best.´
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´I was using a generic online plan for years but my progress kept stalling and my motivation was slipping. So I took the step of signing up with Duchy, the team said I could cancel whenever I wanted. But I never did! Working with an encouraging  coach massively helped my motivation. Plus, I realised I had been doing so many junk miles in the past. I am training less with Duchy but getting stronger!´
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Switched to Duchy Cycle Coaching at the end of 2022 race season. Have had one full winter with them and am into my first races on 2023! I couldn’t be happier, I have new power PB’s across the board, the sessions are fun and the variety is great. Really trust these guys to help get the best out of me! Mentally and physically!

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Since joining Duchy I've been able to unlock a whole new level fitness and confidence on the bike. Detailed analysis and sessions tailored to my everyday life which has been crucial in the past year. Going into my 3rd season racing feeling the strongest I’ve ever felt.

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Top notch training service, I’m came to Duchy with next to no previous cycling experience, and now three months in the improvements I’ve made is just crazy, if I would have tried doing this on my own I probably would have injured myself or burned out long ago..

A great team of people working to help you achieve you ultimate success.

Highly highly recommend !
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I never thought that I would learn so much with a cycle coach. The level of detail that Duchy go into and the time they take to describe everything is exemplary. This, and the personalised approach (busy family and work life) has helped my cycling come on no end. A fantastic experience so far and something I’m definitely going to continue with. Thank you Duchy Team.
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´Duchy Coaching have transformed my riding and given me confidence in my ability! The guys are always at the end of the phone when I need them and have a knack of saying the right thing at the right time. After only 2 months of coaching I am stronger and faster on the bike than I have ever been.´
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´I’ve been training with Duchy for just over a year. From our first call the communication between Will and myself has been exceptionally good and consistent. As I’ve learnt first hand, this level of contact gets results! I can confidently say I am the fittest I have ever been in my life. I have more energy, I feel better about myself and yes I’ve become a stronger cyclist! My FTP has increased by over 60w! In simple terms, I can ride longer, further and faster.´
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´I had become bewildered by all the information available online about training. I wasn't sure if I was going too hard or not hard enough each week. Or whether I should be focusing on threshold or endurance for my upcoming event. With the Duchy team I now have a clear structured plan that tells me exactly what to do, when and why!´ 


´Being coached by Will has transformed my cycling experience.  As an enthusiastic amateur I had plateaued, in fact, it seemed like the more I tried, the worse I got, as I failed to allow enough recovery, and my sessions lacked enough structure.
Despite being 49 years old, I am now fitter and faster than I've ever been.  I only wish I'd discovered professional coaching such as this earlier.´
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´I couldn’t recommend Duchy Coaching more highly. Will makes sure you understand what every single session is about and the reason you are doing it. The flexibility and attentiveness to work around your busy work/life schedule has also been a key factor in making sure I get the most from the coaching. The post-ride analysis carried out is fantastic and always balanced with feedback that gives you something to work on for next time.´
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´I have been working with Will Harper for the past 4 months and am already seeing progress on a far more positive trajectory than that of previous trends. Coaching with Will has been the key to breaking a year long plateau and resulted in an 8% power increase in just the first 3 months.´
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´This has been a total revelation! I’m really enjoying training now and don’t feel I’m dragging myself along anymore. This morning's FTP test was a Personal Best. Tuesdays Time Trial was a success with over 7 minutes off my previous best time! I couldn’t be more pleased.´
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Will listens and works with you taking into account family commitments, work / lifestyle and maintains exceptional and consistent communication daily. I was surprised to see that after only 4-5 Weeks of carrying out structured sessions again I was achieving my 20min PB! I highly recommend their services to anyone wanting to achieve that next level of performance.


“Wow, what a difference it makes to be on a proper training plan and accountable to someone else. It has changed my life and of course improved my fitness. I’ve reached new heights of power and endurance I never thought I’d be capable of - and still more to come (and I’ll be 50 this year!!). Big thanks to Will and the team.’ 
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Duchy coaching has been instrumental in making sure I get the best out of my riding. Especially impressive over this past year has been the flexibility and adaptability in the support provided, which has been essential due to disruptions to training, illness, and a switch in focus from road to cyclocross & gravel riding. The quality of coaching has ensured that whatever the situation, I am riding to my full potential, completing sessions that I would have thought impossible and hitting numbers I'm surprised by.
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I found the structure really refreshing especially tailoring my training around work. Not once have I been bored and every training session has been varied! DC have adapted several sessions for me at short notice as and when my weekly plans or work have got in the way! Great communication from the guys, always there when you need them hands down wouldn’t be where I am in my cycling career without them.
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All the guys at Duchy Coaching have been mega supportive, and they’ll always find a way to push you and ensure you meet your goals. With all the coaches being current or ex-pros, the information they can give regarding racing and training is immense, which is a huge advantage over many other coaches.”
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Max is a great coach and has really improved my numbers on the bike, he has also helped build strength off it as well. It’s great trying out new training methods which Max regularly brings to the table. Lockdown group Zwift rides were great fun!

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“ Since starting with Max I have had my strongest season ever, and these results would not have been possible without the help of Max and the Duchy team. Since working with them, their structured training plans have helped me progress as a rider by highlighting my weaker areas and turning me into a stronger, well-rounded athlete.
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I can’t recommend Duchy enough and wish I’d got in touch sooner. Super friendly and takes all the stress out of training, worrying if you’re not doing enough or even over doing it which massively helps confidence come race day. Even in the relatively short time working with a coach I’ve noticed a big improvement in numbers after plateauing on my own and also race results, even winning a race I came 37th in the year previously.
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Duchy changed my cycling career more than I can explain! I never thought I’d get anywhere near to the level I am now. I cannot recommend them enough. Will really caters to every need, adjusts the plan daily, explains what sessions I am doing and why and is at the end of the phone whenever I need him. I came to these guys a beginner and am now an elite racer!
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“I’ve been amazed how a defined and personalised programme of coaching has brought out sporting abilities that I had never thought possible. I’ve been so pleased to see how much I’ve improved. The training has been varied, fun and interesting, all calculated by the fantastic coaching experts at Duchy Coaching with professional inside knowledge.” 

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I cannot recommend Duchy Coaching enough, they have excelled my cycling ability more than I ever expected! I used to train with no structure at all and hope for the best, but this didn't really get me anywhere. Duchy provide me with a tailored plans and tell me exactly when to take recovery, when I should be going hard or going easy alongside real time feedback on how I am performing. I can now see the results in my performance as my numbers have gone through the roof! If you are thinking about getting coached Duchy Coaching is the answer. 
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The benefits of using Duchy coaching are huge. I've certainly become a far stronger cyclist, but I've also learnt a huge amount about my cycling, body and how to look after myself. Having a well constructed, guided program has helped me use my training time far more efficiently. Will is a pleasure to work with and has a fantastic balanced approach. He knows when to push but is also understanding and sympathetic when life gets in the way of training. Thank you, and I look forward to continuing to improve with your help.
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Absolutely loved my experience with Duchy Coaching since deciding to sign up with them at the start of the year. Will was great during my initial review of previous training and events I had planned this year, before I started work with Andy.Since starting with Andy in January, I have really enjoyed my training again and seen great improvements across all areas of my road cycling, with plans carefully selected for the events I had planned this year. With the help of Duchy I have performed better than i could imagine in all three of my events (Fred Whitton, Chase the Sun South and Ride Across Britain), as well as partaking in club run tts. Really looking forward to continuing the work with Andy and Duchy in the future and seeing what else can be accomplished!
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I never thought that I would learn so much with a cycle coach. The level of detail that Duchy go into and the time they take to describe everything is exemplary. This, and the personalised approach (busy family and work life) has helped my cycling come on no end. A fantastic experience so far and something I’m definitely going to continue with. Thank you Duchy Team.

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With it being my first racing season I wanted to ensure I had an experienced coach. I've been working with Andy at Duchy Coaching for several months now and I couldn't be happier with how things have gone. Im looking forward to a hard winter and some hard training sessions ready for next year
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I have improved so much working with Duchy Coaching. The team’s attention to detail and attentiveness has helped me reach power PBs across the board. Before signing up with the guys I was always worried about either doing too much or too little training. All that stress is now out of my hands which means all I have to do is ride and have fun! I can’t wait to see what else we can achieve together!!
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Will and the team at Duchy have been brilliant for me. I’m never going to be the fastest and as a time-poor parent of 3 kids he makes sure I get the most out of the little time I have to ride.
I’m not looking to race but I wanted to be fitter and feel better on the bike. After 6 months there’s been a big improvement and I’m really looking forward to getting out on a few adventures in 2023.
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´The guys customise every session to my training needs & availability each day, even at a moment's notice. From sharing rigorous post-workout analysis to fast and clear communication, their system just works. A 55w increase on my FTP and 14th finisher in the Etape are some notable improvements!'
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´With Max's help I have increased my FTP by 50 watts in 4 months, now comfortably having an hour power of 5w/kg and upwards. I've also recently completed the national youth Time Trial championships finishing 10th as a 16 year old and I have broken numerous course records. I couldn't recommend Duchy Coaching enough!´
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